Marking a person’s need for change gives them faith
in their power to do so.

Synthesis’ Assessment and Development  Methodology

Synthesis’ methodology was developed by a team of ex-military psychologists and expert executive coaches. We apply the outcome-oriented psychology of elite military units, a supportive approach that has a strong connection to reality and functionality, to executives and leadership teams in growth companies.

To ensure the accuracy of our analyses and for validation purposes, we use machine learning technologies and natural language processing. These are proprietary algorithms we use to ensure the accuracy of our assessments. The foundation building blocks of Synthesis methodology are:

The Military Background

Soldiers in elite units of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are under continuous psychological evaluation and work closely with psychologists. The role of military psychologists is to identify, develop and leverage human resources. The military recognizes the cruciality of choosing good people who fit the team, and the building of a culture that supports them and the right team dynamics. Synthesis has taken the methods of military psychologists, improved upon them and applied them to growth companies and their leadership teams.

Assessment through Narrative

We use narrative psychology to understand the individual, and team dynamics. From an individual’s narrative, we look at the unique path he or she has taken, within the context of their past experiences and connections. We look at how the individual understands the world, adapts to it, and adjusts their relationships within it. In line with cognitive psychology, we examine structure and modes of thought processing, including critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We have found that a relatively small amount of data, when in the form of a biographical questionnaire, can be effectively used to understand an individual’s internal makeup.

Humanistic and Positive Psychology

Our methodology, first and foremost, is based on the tenets of positive psychology: we believe in the abilities and desire of individuals to make positive changes in themselves and in their environment, if given the proper tools. Similar to clinical humanistic psychology, which emphasizes individuals’ inherent drive towards self-actualization, positive psychology is about supporting someone in realizing and expressing their own capabilities and creativity. This is, in essence, the most refined goal of leadership development: to help someone become their best self. We believe everyone can grow and change, while the amount of growth and changes varies from person to person.

Systems’ Thinking Approach

Our methodology examines the individual in the larger context of his/her workplace and relationships. We take into account the fixtures (personalities, values ​​and beliefs of the individual and the cumulative traditions of the team/organization) within a situation and its variables. By looking at the individual within the larger context of team dynamics and his or her environment, we can determine what changes in behavior would help them perform better in their roles.

Proven Leadership Principles

When we look at an executive, we are looking for specific leadership qualities needed in growth companies: the ability to build trust; the ability to build commitment to a mission and team; adaptiveness and resilience. First, we identify these attributes in an individual and then consider what obstacles are impeding him or her from developing or manifesting them. Second, based on an individual’s specific role and environment, Synthesis Executive Coaches define what experiences or behaviors would foster growth in these specific leadership skills.

Agile People Development

Agile thinking involves ways of processing information and knowledge that are flexible, creative, and adaptive to changing circumstances and goals. Synthesis applies the principles of agile software development to people development. This includes breaking down professional growth into meaningful, incremental changes. These changes are implemented in 30-day sprints of behavior experiments.

Synthesis Methodology in Action

Our Team of Experts – People and Technology
Our psychologists, all former Israeli Defense Forces’ Elite Units Psychologists are trained to find the essence of who a person is. They are able to analyze narrative and pick up on the 1-3 most important themes that are the drivers of this individual, their leadership potential and levers for change.

Our coaches are experts at unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. They are organizational development experts that are trained in analyzing and developing individuals, teams and organizations.