With Synthesis, you receive the focused, critical insights that you and your team need to succeed.

For Key Hires

Synthesis Selection

Understand what sort of leader will complement your executive team. Identify which candidate is the best fit for the position.

Synthesis Executive Onboarding

Succeeding as a leader in a company is a team effort. Give a new CEO or executive the tools to start off right and then thrive in their new role.

For Executive Teams

Synthesis Leadership Intelligence

Gain a clear picture of your leadership team's dynamics, culture, and the tensions and challenges affecting performance.
Know where your talent gaps lie and who can take on more responsibility.

Synthesis Due Diligence

When investing in a company, determine how aligned the executive team is, what is missing and where the leadership risks lie. Also, learn how the team's dynamics will affect your work together.

For Succession Planning and Performance Prediction

Synthesis Scale

Predict the future success rate of hires using Synthesis Natural Language Processing. Proprietary machine learning algorithms are customized to your existing human capital and performance ranking.
For organizations of 100+ employees.

Personalized Services

Synthesis Executive Coaching

For executives who went through Synthesis Leadership Intelligence and would like to further their development.
Using agile people development methodology, Synthesis executive coaches support leaders in achieving and sustaining professional growth.

Synthesis Agile Action Plan Workshop

Gain tools for increasing team performance. Synthesize company strategy, context and team dynamics with leadership abilities and potential. Developed and led by Synthesis executive coaches.